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Student Testimonials

Students Typing at Their Computers

Leavenworth, Washington

"I really liked how social it is! Didn't feel too much like Zoom."

Somerville, Massachusetts

"I learned how to speak with a lot of confidence when speaking to larger groups of people today."

Sharjah, UAE

"Can we have another one of these pleaseeeee!!! :)))"

Teenage Students Raising Hands

Kandy, Sri Lanka

"I liked that so many people from all over the world could just have fun, bond and have a friendly debate!"

"I appreciate that you connect people from all around the world with shared interests."

Prague, Czech Republic

Kraków, Poland

"It was my first Academy, and my first time when I was talking with people from countries which are not situated in Europe. I experienced something that I've been taught my whole life- that besides all the differences we are all really similar- we value our privacy, education, etc. So, thank you very much for this great opportunity to learn."

Kingston, Jamaica

"Debate Spaces created a safe environment for me to speak freely."

Union City, California

"I really like how Debate Spaces challenges their students and tries to maximize their potential."

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