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Debate Spaces Academy 

Debate Spaces Academy is a series of half-day workshops offered remotely that take place once a month during the school year. Students from all over the world take part in Academies. In these workshops, students build their debate skills through games and a debate round and then have critical discussions about important issues with their peers.


Debate Spaces Delivered

Debate Spaces values collaborating with community partners. We offer partners single or multi-session trainings on public speaking, debate, and advocacy. We've helped youth activists in Dorchestor and young adults nationwide leverage the skills of debate in their work. Interested in a collaboration? You can reach out to and we will be in touch!

Debate Spaces was a wonderful experience for me as a new debate coach. I learned a lot of new games to practice debate skills. But the best part of Debate Spaces was watching my debaters smile, think, challenge themselves, engage with new people, and make connections with friends.

Julia Brasser

Debate Coach and Teacher

Mario Umana Academy 

This was a great space to bring students together who would never interact in their daily lives… Every child, both debater, and non-debater, were willing and able to participate…the community improvement projects are also constructive and powerful.

Pam Doiley

Debate Coach and Teacher

McCormack Middle School 

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