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Debate Spaces

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Debate Spaces' Mission 

Debate Spaces is an education non-profit that uses debate to foster civic engagement and connect middle and high school students from around the world.

We believe that debate is an immensely valuable activity for youth, both in teaching them skills that they can apply to their daily lives and in inspiring them to think critically about issues affecting our society. By engaging in rigorous and meaningful discussion, students not only become more aware of current events but also shape their own responses to those events. By crafting and developing strategies to make the world a better place, the pedagogical approach of debate carries numerous external benefits.

Debate Spaces Updates 

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Register now for the 2023-2024 Debate Spaces Academy!

It is never too early to register for the 2023-2024 Debate Spaces Academy! We will have a session each month from September to May.

Find out about upcoming opportunities for students, volunteers, and others in the debate community. Hear from students, teachers, and expert debaters about how Debate Spaces is making debate opportunities more accessible than ever.

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